Earlier I was going through some of the pictures that I had on my phone and could not believe the changes in my son. His body has grown, buy cialis brain has developed, online and he will surely be walking very soon.


Neylan and Cousin Mikaela

Neylan playing with Mommy


Sticking out my lil tongue




Sleepy boy in a Santa hat.

Chubby Santa boy plays with feet.

Grammie Marshall feeds Ney in his Christmas high chair from Auntie Rei!

Yummy foods! 5 1/2 months.

With Grammie Marshall before we came home from our Christmas and New Years vacation.


When we first realized that little man could sit up on his own.


Look at me! I'm CUTE!


In Mama's lap.


Getting into full throttle crawling position!


Baby and Daddy playing with the walker.




At Grammie Marshall's playing with Grampie's heavy pool balls. One in each hand. What a strong boy!


Spinach, apples, and rutabaga! OH MY!


I come from the planet BLORCH!


Neylan talking in his sleep.


First smile I've seen since baby man started running his "Yay! I am teething!" fever. TOTALLY PICTURE WORTHY!

He is getting so big! He absolutely amazes me. By the way, both of his top teeth are coming in, not just one and I think that would give me a fever too.

Hope you enjoyed 9 months in pictures.

Megan A.K.A. “Mom”