Beyonce... I thought she was perfect...?

She has the perfect eyes, medicine the perfect nose, ask the perfect mouth. Men don’t mind the fact that she is a real woman, remedy with real curves, real thighs, and a real rear end. But in the world of magazines even perfection is not perfect. Why does she need to be photoshopped to look unrealistically beautiful when her body is already as beautiful as bodies seem to come? Don’t they realize that every woman looks at her and wants to look like her and have her talent? Don’t they realize that every woman looking at her pictures in a magazine is seeing something that even she, with her perfect body, cannot measure up to.

The other day my friend Morgie put something on Facebook about some beautiful actresses and models that were photoshopped. I was amazed to see that there was one female that said “Those pictures didn’t look any different to me, except for some that were darker at first.” When I looked at the pictures I saw curves photoshopped out, wrinkles erased, freckles blended, pieces of hair added, breasts accentuated, thighs were shrunk, clothing smoothed, and cellulite removed. I saw skinny, but real women transformed into Barbi dolls and this is what we think is real.

Age? Yeah, it happens. Get over it!

You see that picture of Madonna up above? Maybe she has not had as many face lifts as every one is saying. Maybe she looks so young because they always photoshop her pictures, but you know something? Maybe she is still beautiful without being photoshopped. Does Madonna have to stay 20 something her entire life or can we embrace the fact that she is a beautiful 52 year old woman?

Don't like how this outfit actually fits? Get over it!

Is it just me or does it look like they lengthened Jessica Alba’s torso a little bit, probably breaking her spine in the process. It also looks like they cut off part of her thigh muscle in the back, without which walking would be near impossible.  I can picture them saying, “Hmmm, let’s squish her internal organs with that belt, while we are at it.” And apparently that outfit was not as flattering on her as they wanted, so they photoshopped some of it out. From what I hear, Jessica Alba’s body in this photo is post-baby! I would kill to look like she did in the original!

When did our thighs become unattractive? When did our already round butts have to become rounder? When did our breasts become undesirable. And how often do the men we love fall into lust with something that has been touchedup by a computer and is nothing like a real woman is?

When did she become undesirable?

Marylin Monroe was the sex icon of the 1950’s. She had absolutely gorgeous blonde hair that she dyed from its original brown. She was a whopping 5′ 5″. Her weight averaged 127 lbs, at times fluctuating between 118 and 140 lbs. According to many websites she wore a dress size 12 and a pant size 8. She had an undeniably amazing hourglass shape and like all women, her shape was unique.

But what would happen if this beautiful woman was around today? Would she get her wrinkles photoshopped away? What if she was the same age she was, same size, and same weight? Would they photoshop her arms because they aren’t thin enough? Would they get rid of those signature curvy hips? Would they elongate her torso to make her appear taller?

Maybe they would make her look like this?

You are beautiful without photoshop,

Megan A.K.A. “Mom”