One of the grossest concoctions I have ever tasted! Turkey and apple sauce.

You’ve got to love it. Your baby is no longer just drinking breast milk or formula, for sale but is now getting into big boy or girl foods. Doctors tell you to start off one veggie or fruit at a time for a bout a week, healing checking to make sure that your child is not having any type of allergic reaction to it. You start your child off with pears and apples and then add in everything else later.

We are way past the introductory foods… but children seem to know what they like.

I don’t consider my son to be a picky eater. He has just gotten to the point where he won’t eat many of the purees without apples being a part of the mix and to the point of nasty.

Yesterday I opened a can of Gerber turkey and turkey gravy. I gave him one bite of it and he completely refuse to eat it. I decided that I would try to mix a vegetable in with it because maybe he’d eat it that way and “he likes peas”, or so I thought. I mixed them together and almost fought him to take a bite. He grimaced and looked up at me with a very disgusted look on his face.

“Do you want more?”, I asked as I put some more on the spoon and tried to bring it up to his lips.

Right as I got to his lips, he quickly turned his head, as if to say “Mom, didn’t my face tell you how I felt about it before?” Streaked along his right cheek was the goopy turkey and peas mix that he wanted no part of. I knew he wouldn’t eat it, which bothered me because I don’t like wasting anything, money or food. So I packaged up the peas for later and washed the rest of what he had out of his bowl.

Mommy had to go back to the drawing board. I had to think, “What can I add to the rest of his turkey so that maybe he will actually eat it?” And then it hit me…


I walked over to the food shelving unit and grabbed his apple sauce. Neylan was still sitting in his high chair squealing for his food. I quickly opened the apples sauce, added it to a bowl containing just turkey, and mixed it thoroughly. I then tried to feed it to my child, who thought I had done nothing new with it and was turning his head away from it. I got him to open his mouth just wide enough for a small taste and my little Neylan decided he wanted more. The entire bowl in fact.

I decided to check it to see what was so special. After I tasted it, I concluded that it pretty much turned my stomach and was the worst tasting thing ever,  but was a little bit sweeter. I think that is why Neylan finally liked it.

Am I the only mommy that thinks it is OK to mix apple sauce with baby’s food so that he’ll actually eat it? What is your opinion?

Megan A.K.A. “Mom”