I have always been a big fan of many different types of music. Seriously. I listen to rock (Eagles, tadalafil Boston, advice Kansas, unhealthy Journey), Jazz, “Classical” (my music friends know why that genre is in quotation marks), 80s pop, 90s pop, rap, contemporary Christian, Southern gospel, blue grass, cajun, different music from around the world, R&B, swing, and pretty much anything else you could name. I really like these different types of musical genres, although I might not like some of the lyrics, and I am glad that my parents gave me such a diverse background in it. It not only helps me relate to people, but hey, I am able to sit in someone’s car and enjoy whatever music that they have playing. It was also a life saver when I was in college. I listened to “Classical” music all the time and I loved it.

The college that I went to was very strict. How strict? Girls could only wear skirts or dresses and they had to at least be to the knee. Boys had to have short hair and have their faces clean-shaven. Bedtime was 11PM every night, except for Friday and Saturday when we were given permission to stay up until 12AM. There are other things… like their music standards, and although they have gotten a bit lax, they haven’t changed to the point where we could listen to whatever we wanted. We had to have questionable music passed.(Or was that all music? You can tell who read the handbook thoroughly each semester. :P) Because of the rules, the main type of music that I listened to was “classical” in whatever category I decided on that day. Baroque was a favorite. I drove my best friend,roommate, and maid of honor, Chelsea Nappari, absolutely crazy around Christmas time and pretty much every other time of the semester. It was especially bad around Christmas because the school choirs and orchestra would practice Handel’s Messiah… and what would I be listening to NON-STOP? Messiah.

But back to my original point. The wonderful knowledge of different types of music that my parents imparted to me through their constant changes in musical taste, is something I want to give to Neylan, to the chagrin of my loving husband (I am lucky if I can get him to listen to something other than “classical” or movie sound tracks! ^_^ ).

So far Neylan has seemingly enjoyed everything he listens to. I play Pandora radio with stations that have any number of types of music. We are talking everything from Beyonce to Allison Krauss and Union Station. DIVERSE!

Today, he got a treat when Jim put on some blues and… whatever genre Sade (pronounced Shah-DAY) is. The music of Sade has a mixture of R&B, jazz, soul, soft rock, and funk elements… so I don’t even know if it can be put into a category. All I know is that Sade is one of my father’s favorites! I can’t even tell you how many times I listened to her music in my father’s car. Needless to say, I was very happy when Jim put on the Sade video on Youtube.

Here is where it gets interesting, though. Jim was not singing the song “Smooth Operator”. Instead he was singing “Smooth Mashed Potatoes”. I died laughing and Neylan enjoyed dancing to it and clapping with Jim, Lauren, and me.

All I can say is that Sir Jim Johnson is another Weird Al Yankovic.

Looking forward to what type of music my son will choose as his own, as I expose him to as much of it as I can, so he can make a decision for himself,

Megan A.K.A. “Mom”