It has been forever since I have written, buy cialis and truth be told I don’t really feel like doing it right now, find but I do have the time and the sleeping baby to accomplish this mega feat, so I figure that I might as well.

Just so that you know Abbie is still waiting to hear back from NGM about the night job… he should know sometime this week. But he also got a letter recently from Keene State College saying they were “reviewing his application” for the position that he applied for. I don’t even know what position that was, but we’ll see, if they actually do call him about it.

I went to stay over at Kalah’s again for a few days. It was partially for the fun of it and partially because Neylan needed another appointment with Dr. Silverstein. She not only wanted to see Ney, but also because they wanted to be sure that what the culture last time said was what it actually was. They had no problem getting a catheter in to get urine this time, and Neylan didn’t even cry. The culture came back positive… So he is on bactrim for 10 days again. Then on something else prophylactically…

We also went to go see my parents over the weekend.

Dad fixed the car! So we now have heat! Can’t say that the ride down was all that great. VERY COLD! And it was fairly warm when we left; it was about 30 something degrees.

Abbie and I went out to dinner ALONE for the first time since Neylan was born. It was very needed… although I think the fact that I have been dealing with a lack of sleep since Ney has been on the meds again has made it a bit hard to function. I went to bed early after that dinner because I had a migraine.

Mom and I went to go see Sandy Powers on Saturday. It is an interesting web of development. My mom knew Sandy through her friend Valerie, but now my little sister is dating Sandy’s son, Andrew. Sandy has been creating crotchet patterns and selling them on etsy and Annie’s Attic. Neylan is her newest model. ^_^ Cute babies sell cute things even faster. (I may be a little partial, but who could blame me? Seriously?)  I have posted some of the pictures here. To go check more out and see some of her creations check out Sandy’s Cape Cod Originals at

I will write again later!

Megan A.K.A. “Mom”