Why do I need to ask permission to do anything? I am a grown woman.

“Who would you be asking for permission?”, treat you may ask me. Well it most definitely is not my parents. They believe that you leave and cleave (Genesis 2:24). My husband and I believe that we have a joint partnership (which is working out quite well, if you ask me. We both respect and love each other the way we would want to be respected and loved. We also make decisions together.) But apparently, BIG DADDY, AKA the STATE, expects me to ask them if I can do something.

Did you know that you ask them for permission EVERYDAY!?

“What do you mean?”

Did you ask permission to drive?

“No. I used to ask my parents if I took their car…”

Did you pay a certain amount of money for a little card? Will you get in trouble if you don’t own a little card and you are driving?

“Yes. But it is for our safety.”

Have you ever thought about having your parents decide whether or not you are ready to drive?

“I’ve never thought about that…”

*Do you need a piece of paper saying that you can work if you are under the age of 18?

“Yes. But I didn’t need to pay for that one.”

It is still you getting permission from “Big Daddy State” to work (and I know that some of you did pay for it).

*Do you need permission to sell food and drinks to people… friends?

“Not that I know of…”

Did you know that there have been multiple instances of people being told to shut down their operations from food safety police? Examples can be found here (http://www.oregonlive.com/portland/index.ssf/2010/08/portland_lemonade_stand_runs_i.html) and here (http://www.digitaljournal.com/article/295269) and here (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=37AZHHacRMs&feature=autofb).

“But it is all about safety…”

NO, it is all about them wanting to steal your money!

Let me ask you this. If you bought some food that made you sick, would you go back to the place you bought it from to buy more?


That there is food safety insurance enough. People want you to be happy with the food and the cleanliness of their food establishment so that you’ll come back. THEY WANT YOU TO BUY FROM THEM, NOT THEIR COMPETITION.

Did you also know that places that get permission from ” Big Daddy State” have to charge extra because they need to make up the money they spent to get said permission. That is something to think about.

*Did you know that you need to get permission to get married AND PAY THEM FOR THE PERMISSION? Don’t you think that marriage should be between 2 people and God (if they believe in God), and not 2 people and “Big Daddy State”?

Can you see yet that the State is playing God over you?

Here are some other things you (may) need permission for:

shows: rope dancing, ventriloquism, magic shows, puppet shows, and the like (for profit).

Billiard tables, etc.: Billiard tables, pool tables, and bowling alleys (again, for profit).

to have a gun: to buy, open carry, conceal carry, to own.

to burn: brush in back yard, BBQ…

to build: Additions on house, shed in yard, put in fire place, to do electrical work, install generator…

to travel: license, registration, inspection, car insurance (when car insurance is mandated.)…

food: lemonade stands, restaurants

feed the poor and homeless: Yep, some places require a permit. And some places don’t PERMIT IT AT ALL… and, my Christian friends, didn’t Jesus tell you to feed the poor and homeless, and to cloth them?

BTW, almost all of said licenses expire and thus need to be renewed (AKA you pay more money to “Big Daddy State”) and ask for permission once again. Sometimes having to beg.