Yep... Already started eating it!

Some of you (my friends on Facebook) know that recently I have become a big fan of Julie and Julia; well, remedy kind of. I loved the movie and felt that I could relate to Julie Powell, remedy so I decided that I would read up more on this Julie Powell and her muse, Julia Child.

Last night I started reading Julie Powell’s blog. I probably read or skimmed through about 20 entries before I realized that I didn’t need that extra stress in my life. Julie was very negative and, personally, it annoys me that she “worships” the ground that Julia Child walked on, but in the next breath (or “after a comma” in writing-speak) goes on to completely insult Julia’s recipes. There was also the issue of the four letter words that were used flippantly. NO WONDER Julia Child didn’t want to meet her. However, I do admit that going through Julia Child’s French Cookbook is quite a task! I don’t even think that I would have the money or even the drive to get through all 524 recipes.

Back to my original point, I loved the movie. It did inspire me. Because it inspired me, I am planning to read more about the life of Julia Child. So far I have three books that I plan to read. The first is her autobiography, My Life in France. The second is Appetite for Life. The third, As Always, Julia, which is a compilation of letters between her and her pen-pal, Avis. I am very excited to learn about Julia because, from what I hear, she was very positive, loved life, and found her passion later on in life. When she found it, she pursued it like nothing else.

Now, don’t get me wrong, this is not going to turn into another “What would Julia do?” type thing, which is how the movie portrayed Julie Powell’s blog. This blog is for my personal use… My outlet for funny things that my little boy does, the never-ending struggle to get my room clean, and where I can write (while practicing my English grammar that I am still not the best at. Seriously, should this comment even go in parenthesis?) WHATEVER I WANT! As such, do not be surprised to find that, in my cooking stuff from scratch, there will probably be recipes. You KNOW you want to try my yummy food. Cooking and writing have always been an outlet and something that I take pride in.

So for today’s recipe, as titled above, I give you my soup of the day!

NOTE: I try my best to use organic ingredients whenever money allows.

prep time: 15 mins (?)

Cook time: Depends how long you let it simmer. If you want full flavor, don’t simmer for less than 30 minutes. I simmered for over an hour.

Ingredients, as follows:

~4 medium tomatoes (previously fresh that you have frozen yourself)

~half of a large cucumber

~5 mushrooms (your choice)

~ 1/2-3/4 lb hamburger or ground buffalo

~ Adobo (or a little bit more garlic, some salt, black pepper, and turmeric)

~black pepper

~Italian seasoning

~ Garlic or garlic powder

~2 cups of water

1. You want to start out by thawing you tomatoes. BE CAREFUL not to let them thaw too much or they will turn to mush before you can cut them.

2. Cut the dark spot out of the top of the tomatoes.

3. Cut tomatoes, leaving the skins on, and place them into the pot. If you notice, like I did, that the area around the seeds was a greenish color, and this bothers you, take out the green seeded areas, otherwise just throw it all into the pot.

4. Heat on low so tomatoes turn to mush as they thaw out. Make sure the lid is on the pot for this. We want as little water as possible to leave the pot, as we DO NOT want to burn the tomatoes.

5. Add 1/4 tsp Adobo, and Italian seasoning and garlic to taste.  Mix in and let tomatoes continue simmering with the lid on.

6. Cut up mushrooms and cucumber and add to the pot. Turn heat up to medium low and add 1 cup of water. Cover.

7. Brown meat. Drain. Add to soup.

8. Add another cup of water, seasonings to taste, and return to simmer. Remember to stir it every few minutes.

9. Remove from heat and enjoy.

I hope that you enjoy it. Mine is still simmering on the stove. I love how I can let it simmer, write the recipe, and take care of little man all at the same time!

Talking about little man, someone needs a diapie change.

Megan A.K.A. “Mom”, who cooks from scratch!