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Archives for January, 2011

Cutest Thing EVER!!!

I was feeling a bit concerned because I hadn’t heard Ney and knew my hubby was tired…and walked into our room to find that my husband and son fell asleep. So sweet! – Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone Location: HOME!

No, It Isn’t Affecting Me; Yeah, I Really Am Lying…

I am sitting on the living room couch, diagnosis relaxing. I figured that this would be a good time to write because my little man is sleeping in our room and the living room is quite toasty. I am  Relaxing, sipping my Starbucks coffee, listening to Pandora on my phone (I really like the singer/songwriter […]

A Thankful Thought…

Every day there is at least one thing that happens that I can be thankful for, there I just need to find it. And when I do I’ll post it here. Megan A.K.A. “Mom”

Ridiculous, Selfish, or Smart…

I spent a lot of last night tossing and turning. Comments were racing through my head at about 60 words per minute as I was trying to fall asleep. No, no rx I didn’t sleep well. I actually didn’t get anywhere near sleep until somewhere around 4 AM. During my tossing I was hearing the […]

Who’s YOUR Daddy!?

Why do I need to ask permission to do anything? I am a grown woman.

Soup of the day…

Some of you (my friends on Facebook) know that recently I have become a big fan of Julie and Julia; well, remedy kind of. I loved the movie and felt that I could relate to Julie Powell, remedy so I decided that I would read up more on this Julie Powell and her muse, Julia […]

Peace, Finally

*Sigh* At our third stop, click it seems that Neylan will be calm for the rest of the ride. We took him out of the car seat, here adjusted that, medical and held him while parked in a rest area. It is 11:07 PM as I am writing this. After holding him for a bit […]

Hard ride home

We have had a hard ride home so far. Neylan is still screaming. Both my husband and I are dealing with headaches and something is bothering Neylan. We have already stopped 2x to feed him. I changed his diaper the second time… Both stops were before we made it to MA 2. 🙁 – Posted […]


As of right now I am laying on my parents couch. A headache. One I have been battling for a few days. I think it Is a mixture of tension and sinus. On a brighter note, medical Neylan can sit on his own. He’s eating baby food… And Auntie Rei got him a highchair for […]