And we are not talking about the stuff from a can.

Or this guy in a can.

I am in the process of wiping out over 3, seek 000 emails in my inbox. Most of these emails, pilule because I have gmail and they are very good with real spam, ARE NOT SPAM. But you know how it is.

You sign up for something at Godiva. the next thing you know, you have a butt-load of emails from them. Or maybe you bought a book from Christian Book Distributors because your uncle wanted you to read it before you got married. They get your email and are sending you every little bit of sales promotion material you can find.

Let’s add Target, Planning Family, The Bump, MySpace, Torrid, WND, and only God (literally) knows what else.

I will say that some of them have been nice. Target has been great to me. We got a sweet coupon in my inbox for a $10 gift card if we purchased 2 packages of the diapers we needed anyway for the month! THANK YOU!!! ^_^

It just gets so tiring at times to go check your email and then have a really hard time telling which emails are important, because you have so much crap mail or sale mail.

I am currently at 1,346 emails unread… I am gonna get through them, even if it takes all of Neylan’s nap time!

Megan A.K.A. “Mom”