You may or may not have read or heard, cialis but I am taking a break, search a hiatus, a sabbatical from Facebook. If you try to find me on Facebook, I WON’T BE THERE because my account has been temporarily deactivated.


1.) Facebook arguments. I don’t care if the argument is in my FB inbox… if it is an argument about something I posted. HA! FORGET IT! I am done. No more arguments.

2.) State of the world we live in. It is just getting to be too much. I know that they are poisoning our food by putting soy in it.  I know about the evil Monsanto corporation and how they are in bed with the state. I have read that a trillion times. I know that the US govt. thinks that they can make people not farm their own land. I know they are illegally raising taxes. I know that the TSA is feeling people up. I know that the govts of this world are pulling things together so that they can make a one world empire. I know that the US dollar is as filled with worth as the lint in my belly button. I KNOW THAT I DON’T HAVE THE FREEDOM THAT I AM SUPPOSED TO HAVE ANYMORE. And I know that my son is growing up in this messed up world. So do you see why I need a break from the depression inducing posts? I need to remember where my freedom is because I know that I have none in this world, but I truly believe that I have freedom in Christ that NO MAN or STATE can take! (Eph. 6:12 and Romans 8:38&39)

3. To see who really cares. I told people to give me their email addresses and phone numbers. I only had a few who did. Now, I don’t want to hear the excuse of but I wasn’t on Facebook. A) This is only temporary, and B) people who whine about the same thing  (Oh! My friends don’t talk to me outside of Facebook…), yet are ALWAYS on Facebook, didn’t care to contact me either. I find it funny that 1 of the 2 people that contacted me was a LONG LOST FRIEND FROM HIGH SCHOOL!

4. I have better things to do. I have a room that is still in the process of being unpacked. My bestie Kalah will be over to help me with it sometime this week, but I am hoping to see if Facebook had anything to do with it not getting done. So far I am not seeing it. Yet, I have realized that Facebook has contributed to my illnesses. Not the direct cause, but if you are not getting enough sleep because you are up until about 2-3 AM every night chatting with friends, that is a huge downer on the immune system. I have had at least 3-4 colds since my son’s birth and he is only about 5 months old. I can only fight most of my colds with Tylenol for the pain and SLEEP for all the other 500 symptoms. Not only is my immune system a bit down, but with lack of sleep comes lack of milk supply. We can’t have that can we? Another reason for X-ing Facebook is so that I am more inclined to snuggle with my husband as soon as Neylan is asleep. I don’t want my Facebook chatting with friends to interfere in what I consider to be the best marriage on the planet! Any other question about that one?

5. It is addictive. No, it isn’t as addictive as those stupid Facebook games, but it is something that college students will waste time on when they should be studying for finals. It is something that people will stare at waiting for the next funny status update so that they can make a snappy comment or brag on their child. BEEN THERE. And I am not saying it is wrong. But it will be there later. My son will not. I need to enjoy every laugh, sound, and movement. I need to hold my human teddy and enjoy his presence because he will not be 14 lbs and 25 in. long forever. He is going to grow and change.

Why am I writing now? Because this is something that makes me happy. By doing this I am A) not wasting my time because it is helping me sort through my life, B) taking time to remember what it most important in life, C) sitting next to my son as he sleeps. (He fell asleep on my bed while he was playing and I was doing some ab exercises. So I AM NOT going to wake him up by moving him.)

There are my reasons. It took a lot to finally do this. But I am already seeing JUST how worth it this move is!

Megan A.K.A. “Facebook user on Sabbatical”