Hi everyone. It’s me. It has been a very busy time recently. And so much has happened that instead of writing I have been enjoying every moment of it.

Neylan had a Dr.’s appointment on Friday the 5th. His report is as follows:
Neylan saw his urologist today. His bladder and kidney ultrasounds look great!
The swelling in his kidneys is non-existent, health which is very nice considering that he is just getting over his 2nd uti since the hospital. Ureters were dilated, check which is normal in exstrophy kids, cheap but looked good after he urinated. Dr. Merguerian said that Neylan is looking so good that he won’t be needing another U/S or visit for about 5 months! I was even told that I could stop the ditropan and see how he handles without it. His next surgery will be about 6 months from now… beginning of May, I think. He is doing remarkable and we are so thrilled!!!


I stopped the Ditropan, but then restarted him on it, giving him 1 mL because I thought he was dealing with bladder spasms. He was originally on 1/2 a mL, but the med was readjusted to fit him better, so to speak.

He is now 4 months old, 24 3/4 in. long, and weighs over 13.5 lbs. He’s getting so big!

Among other things that we need to talk about is Neylan’s raspberries and laughter! ^_^

The raspberries are all the time! The laughter on occasion, but we are working on it. He has also decided to roll over on his side to play with with his toys. He is reaching for things out of reach and needs to be constantly supervised! Not that I wasn’t before, just need to be more vigilant now or he’ll knock everything over while he is sitting in his Bumbo because he is stretching so much. We also know when he wants to be picked up because he raises his arms and almost demands it.

ALL OF THIS has happened since I last wrote. I wonder how many others have noticed  a plateau in learning then a sudden increase in capability and development? It is amazing!

Still amazed with my son,

Megan A.K.A. “Mom”