I never quite understood it before. I have always wondered how my mother did it all. She cleaned, store cooked, patient cared for us (even when she was sick), and worked a full time job! As a new mother, I know it takes a while to get things done with a baby. I also know that there are some things that we sacrifice in order to get the most important things done and that prioritizing is a must! But I also believe that a mother can have more stamina to accomplish things than a woman who is not a mother, even though in the single woman’s eyes a mother doesn’t accomplish more (Hah! She has no clue!)

What is the mother’s secret? Surely she has one.

Tonight I had the joy of babysitting “Momo” for Kalah and Michael. Poor Michael had a really long, exhausting, and frustrating day and because Kalah had the car for a trip to Trader Joe’s today, she had to go pick him up from work. She asked me to watch Momo and I was all for it. I jokingly told her “Everything will be fine this time. Aubern’s bowl of oddities won’t be all over the place and Michael’s Arizona iced teas won’t be in every corner of the house… I won’t be taking a nap.” 😛

So Kalah left to get Michael and Abbie arrived at the house to join me, Neylan, Momo, and Ethan. During that time, I was breastfeeding Neylan, trying to play the “Quiet Game” with Momo, and trying to keep my husband calm. At another time, I was having fun playing catch with Momo, using her stuffed animals that she got at the Disney store yesterday. Another time, I was trying to talk her off of sitting on the kitchen counter, explaining that the chair would be easier to sit in and that I could make it a little taller for her so that she could see the counter. I also helped her get changed into a new outfit while holding a sleeping baby in one arm. And last, but far from least, I was feeding Neylan, carrying on a conversation with Abbie and Ethan, watching a movie with Momo, and carrying on a separate conversation with her.

*KALAH! I give you props! 3-4 year olds can be tiring!*

As we were on the way home from visiting Kalah, Momo, and Ethan, I realized something. Abbie and I started to talk about it because I didn’t really understand what the difference was between us in that situation. As I was playing and having fun with Momo, Abbie was feeling stressed, tired, and frustrated. Granted, he was at work all day today while I was “home”, but I realized it was more than that. While Abbie stayed in his adult mind-set, I took on the mindset of a child.

There is something special about the mindset of a child. This concept is so special that Jesus mentioned it when talking about who was greatest in the kingdom in Matthew 18. Children trust, enjoy life, believe, and are humble compared to adults. A young child Momo’s age is all for fun. She likes to play, learn, and discover. She loves the people that she is with and shows them that she enjoys them.

Mothers have a very special power that helps them be as awesome as they are! A mother has the ability to transform back into a young child. Not physically, but mentally and emotionally. How do I know? I was there today. It is like an adrenalin high that I am finally starting to come off of.

But how do mothers get this super power?

As mothers we can understand where our children are coming from and enjoy the things that they enjoy. We are our child’s first play-mate and teacher. We laugh at what they laugh at. We play the games that they play.

As I was doing all of those thing tonight, for some reason I had a smile on my face and I was having fun. I played with toys as a child does. I laughed over a movie that I loved as a child (A Goofy Movie). Because I was so happy, enjoying my life, and thinking like a child, I was able to accomplish things and feel like I hadn’t felt in years. Why?

Because today I had the joy of a child.

Megan A.K.A. “Mom, a child at heart”