How many of you have seen that show called “Mystery Diagnosis”? I know that I definitely have. My husband and I don’t have a TV or cable so I watch it when we go to visit my parents. A lot of times my sister Mireille and my mom will join me. I know that Rei loves to be all “nursie” and answer the question that come on before the commercial breaks… The reason that I bring this up is that most of the time the diagnosis is something that the doctors didn’t check, sickness something simple! How many times has it been that a person is dealing with something and the problem is a vitamin deficiency or wonky hormones?

I had a deal with wonky hormones when I was younger. The doctor didn’t think there was a way that my issue was my thyroid… until she checked it and found that it was my issue. Oh boy did my mother make her check it!

Well, today my husband found out that he has a similar issue… not with his hormones, but a vitamin deficiency. I seriously wonder how long he has been dealing with this. He would go to the doctors and what did they check… let’s start with the symptoms.

Symptoms are as follows: Pain, bone pain, muscle pain, muscle weakness and tiredness. Could his asthma have been a symptom also?

There were many times that his issues were severe. I remember the pain he was dealing with while trying to sleep because he had to go to work the next day. There were times the pain in his chest was so bad that he went to the hospital, only to have them do an EKG and a few other tests… and of course not testing for a vitamin deficiency. Vitamin D to be exact.

I am putting this out there because a lot of the problems that people deal with today, that the doctors try to tell them are “all in their heads”, are really not. The feeling of having someone who is supposed to be working with you, instead looking at you telling you that there is nothing wrong with you, WHEN YOU KNOW THERE IS, makes you feel stupid. BUT YOU ARE NOT!

Can you imagine how he felt today? When there was one doctor that actually cared to find out the problem? When he got a phone call saying that it was not all in his head? He was vindicated. What a feeling!

So my friends, I implore you! Before you let the doctors run tests that they have already run, before you allow them to diagnose you with multiple disorders, and before you let them tell you that you are (without them actually saying it) crazy, please ask them to check your vitamin and hormone levels. It could be that what you are really dealing with is just the symptoms of something as simple as a vitamin deficiency. You could be dealing with your body’s way of telling you that you are severely lacking a very important thing in your everyday life, although it has such a simple answer.

Hoping for a pain-free husband,

Megan A.K.A. “Mom”