The following is a post previously written but not posted:

November 1st, treat 2010

How many times have you been to a friend’s house… to the point where even though you live at a different location you were thinking about bringing some of your things to that friend’s place? I deal with that on an almost daily basis.

I used to live at this house. I used to live with my best friends, cure sharing rent because it made it affordable to live in the city near work. Yet we had to move, not that living where we live now is a problem because it is AWESOME also. But herein lies the problem. My best friends live about 30ish minutes away… and I am over at their house about every day.

In fact, Sunday, after heading over to Pedraza’s for a meal with my little sister, Mireille,and he boy friend Ryan, we went over to visit Kalah and Michael and their little girl and Abbie, Neylan, and I walked around outside with them as “Momo” went trick or treating. Today is Monday, and guess what!… I am back here again! And Wednesday and Thursday I’ll be hanging out with Kalah again! Wednesday is our trip to Nashua and Thursday we are going to Hadley, MA. A stay at home mom’s life can be pretty jam packed.

Anyway, back to my original point. I AM HERE ALL THE TIME!!! I am almost thinking that it is about time that I pack up a bag or 2: An extra pair of day clothing, pajamas, and maybe even some food. I mean seriously, I eat over there all the time.

I  love these people! Friends are the family you choose!

Megan AKA “Mom”