Ney has been cluster feeding… I think we are in for another growth spurt. His cluster feeding has made it hard because I want to get a lot done. It is pretty difficult to do much as of recently. Our bedroom still needs to be cleaned and we are taking care of it at a pace slower than molasses on a freezing cold winter day.  I am lucky to get a shower, sovaldi make dinner/left overs for Abbie’s lunch, and wash a few dishes.

In an attempt to get something accomplished I grabbed the play center that we got from my great aunt and uncle. I had all the pieces, I just didn’t have the time to make dinner and feed Neylan while putting it together at the same time. Lauren, noticing my tiredness and frustration and wanting to help me help myself, put the play center together for us.
Why do we need to have something else for him to play with? Because as it happens with all children, I can’t take my eyes off him anymore.

Lauren was watching him as I worked on dinner, while he was still in his Bumbo… It really is nice to have an extra hand around. And I know that she loves keeping him company. It gives me a little peace of mind, so to speak, because he is already starting to get himself into “trouble”.

Mr. Neylan is very good at what he does. He turns his little body around in his Bumbo so that one foot is completely inside his Bumbo seat and the other is stretched a bit longer than before. He has figured out how to use that one foot to propel his Bumbo across the table. He almost fell off and has, on multiple occasions, knocked stuff over.

I put him on the bed for 2 minutes today before I fed him because I had to use the bathroom… mind you we are talking the long part of the bed at his sides so that he doesnt fall off the edge. You could just imagine the look on my face when I came back to see him still on his back but almost 90 degrees turned.
He wasn’t doing that yesterday!!!!

We are gonna have to lower his bed, because I don’t want him to realize that he can pull himself up and stand… he’ll fall out of his cribby. He has strong legs and arms, so I know that he will be doing that before we know it!
He totally amazes me!

Megan A.K.A. “One amazed Mom”