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Archives for November, 2010

Something for Myself…

As each day passes I am trying to do something for myself. By this I don’t mean buying myself jewelry, unhealthy large amounts of clothing, or things that I can’t afford. We all remember the “Mommy Rut” (and if you don’t, I advise you to read it.), but it is way easier said than done. […]

Mystery Diagnosis? Make Sure They Check Your Vitamin Levels and Your Hormone Levels!

How many of you have seen that show called “Mystery Diagnosis”? I know that I definitely have. My husband and I don’t have a TV or cable so I watch it when we go to visit my parents. A lot of times my sister Mireille and my mom will join me. I know that Rei […]

Getting mobile

Ney has been cluster feeding… I think we are in for another growth spurt. His cluster feeding has made it hard because I want to get a lot done. It is pretty difficult to do much as of recently. Our bedroom still needs to be cleaned and we are taking care of it at a […]

Update on recent events

Hi everyone. It’s me. It has been a very busy time recently. And so much has happened that instead of writing I have been enjoying every moment of it. Neylan had a Dr.’s appointment on Friday the 5th. His report is as follows: Neylan saw his urologist today. His bladder and kidney ultrasounds look great! […]

Thoughts on the Stamina of a Mother

I never quite understood it before. I have always wondered how my mother did it all. She cleaned, store cooked, patient cared for us (even when she was sick), and worked a full time job! As a new mother, I know it takes a while to get things done with a baby. I also know […]

“Vote” quotes of the day!

Because today is November 2nd and everyone is running to the polls, clinic I figured that I would give you a little treat: “Vote Quotes”! Some of these are funny, order some are sad but true, cialis sale and some are made by past tyrants. The quotes come from all sides of the voting spectrum; […]

Sleep Issues…

Recently I have been very tired. Other than my ridiculous cold that I am getting over, look I have also been dealing with a baby boy that doesn’t want to go to sleep on-time. But then comes the real question: What is “on-time”? Abbie and I have been trying to put Neylan to bed at […]

My Second Home

The following is a post previously written but not posted: November 1st, treat 2010 How many times have you been to a friend’s house… to the point where even though you live at a different location you were thinking about bringing some of your things to that friend’s place? I deal with that on an […]