OK, pills ladies, patient I just wanted say something. The reason that I bring it up is that I am felon #1 when it comes to this issue. After I explain it, sovaldi sale you’ll know exactly what I mean, and maybe, just maybe, you’ll judge for yourself that you are as bad as I am.

You “like” a guy and do everything within your power to catch his attention. You are sure to take a shower everyday, brush your hair and style it nicely, and maybe even throw on a little bit of make up. Attention grabbed!!! You have leveled up because he is now your boyfriend.

You enjoy having and spending time with your boyfriend. Along with everything that you did before, you add getting to know what he likes, and letting him speak while you listen, after all that is what girlfriends do and why God created 2 ears to the 1 mouth ratio. YAY! You have leveled up again by becoming his wife! You are awesome, aren’t you?

You love your husband and want to spend as much time with him as you can. You do everything that you did before but you add cooking his favorite meal at least once a week, doing something together that you both like, and a little “one-on-one” time to the mix. *wink, wink* 😉 Well… some times, a woman levels up again. To mom!!! How exciting!!!!!

I hate to say it, ladies, but it is at that point that we lose the “special attacks” that we learned along the way to help us battle the marital blues. We still have the experience points that we had as just wives, yet we are not drawing on them. I don’t know why, exactly, that it happens, but it does. Not saying that being mothers doesn’t make us a good wives! Don’t get me wrong. But have you noticed the following in your own life?

You are constantly taking care of the children, feeding, bathing, and clothing them. How often do you do that for yourself?

Have you skipped meals because you were too busy dealing with a “mommy-thing” to eat even a granola bar? (GUILTY!) Have you been too busy to cook for your husband after he spent all day at work? (GUILTY!) Have you two been out on a date since your child was born? without the baby!? (Nope. GUILTY!)

Have you skipped out on taking a shower when you wanted to because your little one couldn’t possibly deal with you being in the other room for even 5 minutes? (GUILTY!) Have you given yourself a little pampering time recently, other than the time you put diapers on your child? Whether it is a long bubble bath, a massage, or getting your hair done? (Nope. Guilty.)

Have you been too busy to brush your hair and put it up nicely? Too busy to get dressed on a day that you are home, staying in your pajamas all day? (Not saying you need to wear normal clothes all the time either. 😉 ) Too busy to do your makeup, making yourself feel better and like a sexier woman? (GUILTY, GUILTY, GUILTY!!!)

As mothers, we need to remember, if we are married, that we are not JUST MOTHERS! And even if you are an awesome single mom that is doing her best to raise her kiddos alone, you are not just a mother! You are a woman!!! A vibrant, wonderful, lovable, hardworking, and sexy WOMAN!

SO my WOMEN friends, let’s take some time for ourselves. Take time to find out who we are. Take time to remember how much we love our husbands and show it. And ladies? How do we do that? By getting out of the “Mom rut”.

And for all you Mommy’s that have it together, PLEASE! We beg you to tell us how you do it, or did it!

Megan A.K.A. “Woman” ^_^