At first, recipe I thought it was me. A total of 3 keyboards, purchase a percentage of a battery, tadalafil and one power cord later I finally realize the truth! It’s not me at all!!! If any one or thing is at fault and accident prone, it is my computer. My computer is rivaling Strong Bad’s many.

Now, I admit, I am not the most careful person in the world, but I would never do anything to harm my computer, especially after starting my own website! SERIOUSLY! But it seems like no matter what, there is something going on every 3 months with my computer.

Whether it is something spilled on the keyboard or my good old cord getting too crimped then frayed inside to work, this little computer has had its accident prone moments… 🙁 But nothing as bad as what happened yesterday. I was so frustrated I couldn’t write about it yesterday.

Recently I have been dealing with a really bad head and chest cold, so I have been sleeping as much as possible, because I can’t take medicine (breastfeeding). At 8 o’clock AM my alarm goes off telling me that it is time to give Neylan his bladder spasm medication. So, I get out of bed and grab his medicine, without putting on my glasses first. I open the bottle and start to fill the little 3 mL syringe with .5 mL, when somehow the sticky bottle slips out of my hand. I picked it up as soon as I could, not realizing that some of the medicine fell on my computer… and was dripping into the internals through the air slot in the plastic. I was mainly afraid of losing the medicine and getting it on the carpet. I came back to the area after, put on my glasses, and realized what had happened. I didn’t turn it on, because I figured that would be certain death! I called Abbie who told me to unplug and take out the battery: DONE.

When we got home last night, he took my compy apart and cleaned her up. The good Dr. gave her about 2 years to live. Although she is having big problems still. SHE IS NOT CONNECTING TO THE INTERNET!!! ARG!

Here’s to hoping Dr. Abbie can finish surgery tonight.

Megan, A.K.A “Mom” and “computer slaughter” convict.

Special thanks to for the Strong Bad pictures… If you have never seen them, go check ’em out!