Because of my son’s bladder exstrophy, sick he has had the joy (sarcasm) of having multiple bladder infections. As much as we try to avoid them, nurse they come anyway. And what happens when he gets an infection, nasty medicine.

First, and not so horrible, was the cephlex, which they had him on “indefinitely” trying to fend off infections… Well go figure, he got an infection that was impervious to that medication. So the cephlex was stopped and bactrum was started. He was on the bactrum for only a few days (and seemed to handle it pretty well) because the bactrum was supposed to kill almost any bacteria that he could’ve been fighting. So medicine number 2 was started while they were waiting to see what the tests on the urine culture said would kill it. Well the opportunity to start medicine number 3 arrived when they found that the bacteria could not be killed using the bactrum. He was then put on Cipro. For this current infection, they found that the bactrum would work so he is back on that.

Now the question as to why they are nasty medicines arises. Other than each medicine being an antibiotic, they also seem to not appeal to my son’s developing taste buds. With the Cipro we see the little capsule thingies all over his face because he spit out the meds. And, as you can tell by the above pictures, he’s not too fond of the bactrum this go around. In part because it is a fairly large dose and also because it tastes like fake grape.

It almost seemed like we were tormenting the poor child and if I had my way, there would be something else that we could do rather than give this to him. But, alas, there is no other way. So starting last night the hubby and I took out the syringe and pulled 3 mL of the gross purple liquid into it. Little man was fine until he tasted it… Then came a cry of betrayal. It was one of the most pathetic cries I have ever heard. His cry was accompanied by a perfectly matching frown.

As much as I hate it, I know he needs to take the medicine or we can kiss his well functioning kidneys goodbye.

If you don’t mind and believe in such, we would ask for some prayers for my son. Pray that he’ll take the medicine, that his infection will go away, that his kidneys haven’t received too much damage from the possible lapse in time before we realized that he may have another infection, and also that when he gets one at a later date, I will be able to recognize the cry.

Megan, A.K.A “Mom”