I’ll never forget the day we met. At the time I thought nothing of the encounter, discount but it is permanently etched into my memory and my heart.

I was sitting in the Commons at Pensacola Christian College with my then boyfriend doing what we always did in our free time at that point in our relationship, seek playing video games. You see, cialis the relationship was already heading south, even though I couldn’t see it. I admit I was blind. Looking back, I realize that the relationship was very one-sided. I was constantly doing and giving and never receiving. In the entire time that he and I were together, my ex was very jealous, as you will see later in our story. (Ladies, and even gents, please heed this advice!!! PLEASE DON’T SELL YOURSELF SHORT , but at the same time don’t string anyone along.)

After that brief intermission, let’s get back to our story.

The last vital piece of information that I put was that we were playing video games. The game that we were playing was a fun old timey game. I had always wanted to play it because it was the game that came before my favorite game of all time, Day of the Tentacle . That game was Maniac Mansion .

As we were sitting at the table, a tall young man with dark brown hair, transitioning lenses, and a computer bag came walking quickly by. The thin man, wearing a nice Sunday suit stopped, looked at the computer screen and asked, “Is that Maniac Mansion.” Amazed that somebody else knew what game I was playing, I turned around and started a conversation with him about it. In this short conversation, we talked about the current game, Day of the Tentacle, and some other things. I could tell he was nervous, and rightly so, considering that the (ex)boyfriend was glaring at him a bit. He politely said goodbye and hurried off out the back entrance.

I was then given a look, probably because someone thought that I was being too flirty (?), then was told “I don’t ever want you to talk to that kid again.” I personally believe that comment had inferiority and jealousy written all over it, but I digress.

I eventually and inevitably had my heart broken and was given time to mend… But it wasn’t until I decided that I didn’t want to look for a companion anymore that one was almost dropped into my lap.

It was winter, around Christmas and New Years and I was talking to my friend, Holly, on face book. I had just recently noticed that she was a friend of or had a comment by an “Abbie Gonzalez”. I recognized him as the guy I met in the Commons and also from my Hebrews and James class, so of course being new to facebook, I added him, telling him how I knew him…in case he forgot me.

It was crazy. We started talking on face book, commenting on pictures, and sending emails. While we were talking, on FB one night Holly insisted that the back and forth between us had been going on quite enough and it was evident that if one person asked the other to “go out” that the offer would be accepted. So on January fourth it was official… FB official. ;D LOL.

We started talking over the phone every day after he got home from work. The relationship blossomed.

My first day back to college he was waiting for me in the Commons. I walked down the stairs by the right-front entrance to see him standing at a table with 3 red roses. It was then that I realized I had made a mistake.

I had decided to invite a friend along for lunch at the Palms Grille that afternoon. Jenny also got back to school on the same day that I did and I was hoping to meet her for lunch… oops (and I am sure that even she agrees now that it wasn’t the best idea, but makes for a funny story.) She and Abbie spent the entire time bickering back and forth about their respective jobs at the school. It was a very awkward lunch. I had to excuse myself after a while because not only was their conversation tiring but I had just gotten off a bus that I had been on for 24 hours for the ride back to Pensacola.

Things progressed… as things normally do, for better or for worse. This was definitely for better.

We went to Fine Arts together.

He came up to visit my family.

He proposed while on Christmas vacation, visiting for the second time (Isn’t that ring awesome!).

And we were married on May 30, 2009.

And he became a father on July 10, 2010

See… Dreams do come true.

Megan A.K.A “Sweetie”