The word “dregs” by definition means the following:

dregs: N. 1. Sediment contained in a liquid or precipitated from it, sovaldi 2. the most undesirable part, nurse 3. the last remaining part

Thank you for clearing that up.

This morning I remembered that I had a problem. Aside from my caffeine addiction being the main problem, for sale I had barely any coffee grounds left to fuel it. So, I did what any mother in my particular situation would have done (that is before she realized the dire consequences).

Sitting on my shelf were three containers of coffee grounds. Each tasted pretty good, but not one container had enough in it to make my small “4 cup” pot. So, stupidly (or desperately. I’ll let you decide.), I put all the grounds together into one container with hopes of making small pot. It wasn’t until I took my first sip of paradise that I realized that I was in something quite the opposite.

As I started to swallow, tasting pure nastiness going down my throat, I could just imagine what my friend Chelsea would say when she found out. I was just so sure that after she asked me about my desperation, she would go on to laugh hysterically at me, and then scold me saying something like, “Don’t you know it isn’t a wise idea to mix 3 different blends“.

I chugged the rest of that cup, not allowing any of the air to go into my nose. I didn’t want to have to taste it! But I needed my fix… then gargled with some water
after I was finished.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a happier coffee day.

Megan A.K.A “Mom”