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Archives for October, 2010

Keene Pumpkin Fest 2010 Pictures

These are some of the pictures that my mother took when she came up for Pumpkin Fest… ^_^

One of the best Halloween costumes ever…

My little sister made her costume for Halloween this year. Isn’t it EPIC!

Feeling Accomplished!

Wow! What a day!!! As I am sure you already well know by now, healing the entire household has been dealing with that monster cold that has been going around. I promise you, pharm it has not been fun at all. I think that I am finally starting to get over it, although I feel […]

Writer’s Block

OH No! guess what I’ve got! I can’t believe that it’s so severe. Oh NO! Guess what I’ve got! A classic case of writer’s block. I haven’t written poetry in forever. Back then it used to flow But I can’t think of any whatsoever! So I guess another poem is a “no go” OH No! […]

The “Mom Rut”

OK, pills ladies, patient I just wanted say something. The reason that I bring it up is that I am felon #1 when it comes to this issue. After I explain it, sovaldi sale you’ll know exactly what I mean, and maybe, just maybe, you’ll judge for yourself that you are as bad as I […]

How I Met the Man of My Dreams…

I’ll never forget the day we met. At the time I thought nothing of the encounter, discount but it is permanently etched into my memory and my heart. I was sitting in the Commons at Pensacola Christian College with my then boyfriend doing what we always did in our free time at that point in […]

Oh no. I am not accident prone, but my computer is.

At first, recipe I thought it was me. A total of 3 keyboards, purchase a percentage of a battery, tadalafil and one power cord later I finally realize the truth! It’s not me at all!!! If any one or thing is at fault and accident prone, it is my computer. My computer is rivaling Strong […]

Medicine troubles…

Because of my son’s bladder exstrophy, sick he has had the joy (sarcasm) of having multiple bladder infections. As much as we try to avoid them, nurse they come anyway. And what happens when he gets an infection, nasty medicine. First, and not so horrible, was the cephlex, which they had him on “indefinitely” trying […]


I am sorry that there will not be a post today. I have been very sick with a cold. I am hoping to be well enough to write tomorrow. Today is about me and my Ney.


The word “dregs” by definition means the following: dregs: N. 1. Sediment contained in a liquid or precipitated from it, sovaldi 2. the most undesirable part, nurse 3. the last remaining part Thank you Merriam-Webster.com for clearing that up. This morning I remembered that I had a problem. Aside from my caffeine addiction being the […]