The Daddy and I are in the hospital right now with our little one. He has had quite the day, pilule although he doesn’t know it.
They have changed up his meds again and I am thankful that Gramma Marshall was here to take down all the information about it. I can’t keep track of everything… but I am going to need to try in order to keep you all updated. If I am correct, salve they upped his Fentanyl a bit (a pain med, treat similar to morphine) because they took him off the coddle block. At around 3-4 pm they put in a central line so that they wouldn’t need to continually poke and prod him whenever they needed to put an IV or anything in. He was starting to bruise yesterday when they were putting the IV antibiotics in to get rid of his rash below his belly button, which is gone, might I add! ^_^ After they put in the central line they started him on vercid, which they said should make it so whatever pain he does have he doesn’t remember.  My prayer is that he’ll be able to get off of all of that medication soon.

Orthopedic came down today and changed his traction and position. His head is now at the opposite end of the bed. This is a good thing for multiple reasons. The medical reason that they did it was that he needed to be in a better position in case they needed to reintubate him. But it is also nice for us because we can kiss him on the head before we leave at night.

Because his digestive track is so slowed, they have had to put him on lipids. The breast milk that I have pumped for him has not been going through at a rate they like and he NEEDS to get nutrition. I am still pumping every 2 1/2- 3 1/2 hours though to keep up the milk supply for him. One thing that brightened our day (as crazy as this may sound) was that he pooped today. All of the colostrum that he has gotten over the past 3 days has finally started to pass.

He is still on the vent… They are not in a rush to take him off of it because they want it in just in case he needs it.  Because of all the pain meds it is easy for his breathing to slow and it is best that he has it.

Over all I’d say he looks a lot better today. His wounds have stopped oozing and his color looks better. Before they got the central line in I could tell he was dealing with pain, but even then he is so much better than yesterday.

I am thankful, because even I feel better than I did yesterday. Being very sleep deprived is not a good thing for a mother going through this type of a situation. I know as a fact that it made it easier for me to be more emotional that I normally would be. But I feel pretty great today. No, I am not 100% but I’ll take anything over how I was feeling the days prior.

Thank you all for keeping us in your prayers. We really do need it. God has given us a great gift, a life that will be used to do amazing things. I am so proud of my son already for going through everything that he has gone through! MY LITTLE TROOPER!!!

~The Mommy