Today was a GREAT DAY!!! ^_^

It started off a bit interesting, sildenafil though. I walked into his room this morning and looked at him… he was content for the most part, hospital yet starting to grow fussy. Hungry a little? But as I looked at him again I realized that his NG tube (for feeding) was no longer in his nose.

So I walked out of the room to talk to his nurse, pilule taking a quick look at the “no new orders” sign outside his door.  His nurse walked out of another patients room right on time.

“I’m his nurse today”, she said enthusiastically as she walked behind the nurse’s desk.

“I have a question for you…” I said.

I think she saw the look on my face because her next comment was “Oh no.”

“I was wondering if you took out his NG tube or he took out his NG tube…”

“Oh no.” She said and came around to my side of the desk heading toward his room.

Yeah… You heard it correctly. Apparently Little Man has gotten coordinated enough to take his feeding tube out.

She, of course, had to get a new one, reinsert it, and then get another X-ray to be sure that it was placed properly. It took a while for someone to read the X-ray because the docs were in surgery again (big hospital, very good hospital). But she kept trying her best to have someone read it so we could have the OK to feed him… he tore the tube out about 1/2 an hour before a feed! And when he was crying about being hungry, I felt bad, but also told him he shouldn’t have pulled his tube out.

They did redo his traction today and I was able to hold him before they finished it up. I absolutely loved it. He was so content in my arms. My only wish for the holding today is that his daddy could have been here to hold him.

But the urologists are hoping to have him out of the hospital soon. We’ll see what they say on Friday when they take another look at his bladder and reconstruction. We may be home by the weekend… or we might be here longer. We shall see. ^_^

I am so thrilled at his progress! He is doing very well!

<3 The Mama