This has been a tough past few day. Not only because the labor was long, help but because of everything else that we had to go through.
Neylan had his surgery on Sunday. After his surgery he was in the intensive care nursery at DHMC. The doctors and nurses have been doing a wonderful job taking care of him and also taking care of us. They have kept us informed and allowed us to help make decisions concerning the welfare of our little boy. For the most part he has been sedated. The pain would be very unbearable otherwise. We can easily tell when he is uncomfortable because he grimaces. He would cry if he could but he is still on the vent. He has been getting IV fluids and antibiotics. He also has (for the pain) an epidural, physician some morphine, and something that starts with an “F” (If I could remember what it was!).

Tonight they transferred him from the ICN (Intensive care nursery) to PICU (pediatric intensive care unit) and from the sounds of it he has his own room (?). I still have yet to see it. But will get over there again tomorrow.

Abbie and i have been staying in “David’s House”, which is a place that parents of children in the hospital can stay. It is run on donations and has been an absolute Godsend for us. It isn’t that far from the hospital. I could walk or they also send out a shuttle to the parents so they can get to the hospital. Food is provided along with space for us to put some of the food that we would like to have. One thing that I am happy about is the freezer space for pumped breast milk. ^_^ Gotta get my boy fed well to keep him strong.

On that topic, pumping is harder than actually having him around to feed. Auntie Rei calls him a chunky monkey because he loves to eat. He had no problem latching on before they took him to Lebanon, but now that he is in the PICU I have to exclusively pump. You don’t do it you lose it and I have been having a hard time getting into a schedule because I don’t have my baby boy calling me every few hours because he is hungry. So far no problems in that area other than getting used to doing it and often. He doesn’t really eat that much right now anyway… not to use that as an excuse. The pain meds have slowed down his digestive system so they give him what he can have.

Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers. Yes, it is a hard time… I am still very emotional because of my changing, raging hormones. but God is good and I have been so blessed to hear the stories of other mothers whose children are in the ICU. They have shown me that their children ARE getting better and how they are handling it. Our baby Neylan is not as bad off as the other children. He is recovering from an important surgery. He is only on the vent because of pain meds. There are other children here that are on it because they can’t breathe on their own. He is a stubborn boy and will recover well and soon.