The Mommy has tasked me with writing today’s update, find which I did not really want to do because I do not like writing so much. I would rather just get the phone calls and have my time filled with repeating what I just said to everyone. I would also rather skip the phone calls and tell everyone in person what has been happening, buy cialis since I really do not care for phones anyway.

In any case, hospital I finally remembered to park in the North lot when we visited Neylan today. North lot parking means mommy does not have to walk as far to see Neylan, which is great because she refuses to let me put her in a wheel chair. She insists that she is fine, but I still would like her to be in a wheel chair so I feel better about her getting better.

We skipped breakfast his morning. Figured we would say hi (or high? since he is on pain killers) to Neylan, and then get some food. We walked in on an X-ray session again. Turns out Neylan had a considerable amounts of mucus plugging up his lungs. Luckily, smacking his back with a neat little blue foam knob paddle thing, and some albuterol fixed that problem. This will avoid more extreme stuff from being done to clear his lungs. I cannot remember what that extreme stuff was, I was just happy to know he would not need it.

Neylan also opened his eyes for the first time in a while. This was pretty exciting for me. I got to say hello, and knew that he saw me say hello. He responded by trying to pull his breathing tube off. Yea… I love you too Neylan. It was really neat to see him looking around, and focusing on that strange glowing red sensor on his foot, and then look around some more. He had a little bit of his before-surgery characteristics just before getting snowed(one of the nurses said that on sunday. I think its a cute way of saying ‘high’) on some more sedatives to prevent his destruction of all non-organic material near him. I think he might be an escape artist when he grows up. Mommy was excited to see him awake too, and we both spent some time near his bed before he went back to lala land.

Sometime today I went to look for my iPhone, since that is where Winnie the Pooh is residing, ready to be read, but I could not find it. I thought I lost it at the food court this morning and searched every lost and found on the third floor before admitting to myself that my iPhone had a new owner. An owner who did not like Winnie the Pooh. I imagined that new owner faceplanting on a concrete floor as he happily walked away with my phone. After having this realization, I walked around with a dark rainy storm cloud above my head until mommy found the phone in her bag. Instantly, the storm cloud was gone, my clothes immediately dried, and I sat next to Neylans bed and read him chapter 2, in which Christopher Robin does not shoot Winnie the Pooh.

But maybe tomorrow.

– The Daddy