I wanted to add to what the daddy wrote earlier.
Pain Meds: Neylan’s pain meds have been greatly decreased. Because the could not get use of an IV on him (because they took out the central line fearing possible infection), viagra they had to change his meds again. When he was in the PICU they had him on a dose of Fentynil. Fentynil was ended and he was transfered to pediatric. In pedi they were giving him morphine through IV… which had to be switched to Tylenol with codine through his NG tube. Meds are stepping in the right direction in this aspect.

Feeds: He is no longer on IV fluids/TPN. He was getting 60 mL of breast milk every 3 hours which was, sick to my great chagrin, being fortified by a little bit of formula so that he was getting the calories that he needed. As of yesterday they stopped the formula (YAY!) and were just giving him the 60 mL through his NG tube. Today they upped it to 75 mL again. The first 60 was given as before and the last 15 was given over a longer period of time, in hopes that his tummy would handle it. NO PROBLEMS! YAY!

Traction: He is going to be taken out of traction to be weighed tomorrow. I was told by Dr. Johnson (one of the members of the urology team) that I would be able to hold him before they put him back in!!! YAY!!! They will be taking him off traction (hopefully for good) on Friday.

Bladder: On Friday he will be going into surgery so they can send a scope down into his bladder to check everything out. He has had some leakage from the lower part of his abdomen… Docs think there may be a small hole in his bladder. 🙁 We’ll see what happens after they check that.

Again, we both apologize that the updates have taken so long. IT HAS BEEN A WEEK!