June 23, salve 2010 at 3:22 pm

I pretty sure that you have heard the verse talking about how God will supply all our needs. I am sure that you have also heard the one that telling us to take no thought for tomorrow… what we should eat or what we will wear. How many times has God told us not to worry? And how many times do we continue to worry after He has told us that HE WILL TAKE CARE OF US!?

I am again living in the moments where life seems so impossible, look yet at the very last second God fixes EVERYTHING! And everything that has happened within JUST THE PAST 2 DAYS HAS BEEN ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!

I like to start telling this story at a time where faith was small. I was a Christian, I just didn’t know the meaning of walking with the LORD yet. My heart wanted to, though. At the time I had been going to a public high school and something happened that made me decide that “enough was enough”. I came home that evening and told my parents that I wanted to attend New England Christian Academy. My father wasn’t a big fan… he was wondering how we were going to pay for it and how transportation was going to work out. He wrote out a list of questions for my mother to look at and find the answers for and if all the questions were answered, well, I guess it was a go. God supplied everything early on… except for transportation. My mother took that as a sign from God that it was a go. AND WE PRAYED THAT GOD WOULD PROVIDE THE RIDE THAT I WOULD NEED. If I remember correctly it was about one week before the year was supposed to start that Adam Robinson approached us saying that he was already giving Shannon a ride and that he could pick me up also. WOW! RIGHT ON TIME!!!

Throughout my years at NECA, I was blessed to have great teachers. I know that God put them in my life to strengthen me… along with my awesome friends. These people were used by God to give me advice when I desperately needed it and uplift my soul in ways that I can’t describe. I was blessed to have Peter Sansone walking down the hall and somehow knowing exactly what I was going through and dropping a word of wisdom to that end. Stephanie Rodriguez (Relle now ^_^) always told me to LET GO AND LET GOD! Mary Best-Mello was always there willing to pray for my 5 trillion unspoken prayer requests. Kole and Amy were always there to make me laugh and brighten my day. Rachel was another queen of good advice. Jonathan Relle was like a brother to me. And I will admit even now, that Aaron Womack was needed as a friend during that time… He greatly helped me in my walk with God. But there were so many more people that influenced me! And you know who you are. God had them tell me what they did, act the way they did, and love me the way they did RIGHT ON TIME!

God sent me to PCC for a reason. Not only because of the wonderful friends that I made… but because that is where I met my husband. I didn’t think it would’ve gone that way. I thought I would be with someone else, but like my mother told me even in my freshman year of college, “He is not up here, Megan.” Not to mention the decision to switch from Music Ed to Elementary Ed. WHAT A DECISION!!! And after I switched I found that my scholarship was still GOOD! Right on time!

My final semester of College was a miracle. I worked my tail off trying to be the best that I could be… making multiple mistakes along the way. Abbie was always there to help me the best that he could; He was definitely a God-send all those times he would print out my lesson plans at the last minute and bring them to me. Melissa Nadaskay was a constant friend and encouragement during that time. AND DID I NEED THE ENCOURAGEMENT. Especially when Abbie took the drive to move to New Hampshire. I felt alone and I missed him dreadfully. But I was also blessed to switch to a new set of subjects, under the great teaching leadership of Mr. Murray. RIGHT ON TIME… Earlier that week I had almost quit. The rest of the semester was not smooth sailing but was easier. I made one large mistake on a teaching day in Arithmetic… but as hard as it was, it was not as hard as before. I didn’t feel like quitting… I only wanted to work harder. I graduated that semester on the Dean’s List with a B average, by the grace of God.

As of my graduation day, Abbie still didn’t have a job in NH. We were feeling concerned, but knew that God would work it out so that we could get married 24 days later. That day after I had my diploma in hand, he got 2 phone calls for interviews to 2 separate jobs! A couple weeks later he started working at Home Depot. RIGHT ON TIME!

A week or 2 before our wedding our living arrangements got taken care of. RIGHT ON TIME!

After months of looking for a job, I finally got one! Just in time to start paying my school loans! And lucky that I was hired ONE WEEK BEFORE WE FOUND OUT WE WERE EXPECTING!!! RIGHT ON TIME!

Now, within the past 2 days, He has blessed us with the money for our car to be fixed, an interview for another job that pays more in the field my husband adores, and also the knowledge that our tax return is $300 more than we were expecting! We’ll see how everything works out but I know that He is RIGHT ON TIME!

And I know that I have left a lot of stuff out… but I know my God. I have experienced His goodness! TASTE AND SEE THAT THE LORD IS GOOD! BLESSED IS THE MAN THAT TRUSTETH IN HIM!