One of  my first notes on Facebook… now posted here.

December 26, patient 2006 at 9:14 pm

O my life you guys! God is so good!!! and I have been blessed for ever! Listen to this.

My sister and I went to the mall today and went shopping! Fun Fun. I got a few gift cards to Macy’s so I wanted to get something real nice. BUT! I went to Vicki’s first and bought like $45 worth of awesome makeup… When I got to Macy’s I was looking at the Jewelry and saw some beautiful RUBY and diamond rings… All my LADY friends know all about my fascination with rubies. well, I only had a little bit of money left and was looking at the rings and trying them on… They were 50% off. the one I liked the most was $200 or so I thought… so it woulda been like $100…

To make a long story short I was looking at another ring that this one woman got out for me… still too expensive. I went over to some ruby bracelets… the rubies weren’t that great, but I bought the best of the bracelets (orig. $100, Sale $50) But I was so unhappy cuz I wanted the ring… I RETURNED EVERYTHING!!!!!!! and I MEAN EVERYTHING.

I went back to see my fave ring… It was really $300! (on sale $150)! GRRR! \n
You remember the lady that helped me with the other ring? WELL! She looked at me and asked (cuz she remembered my other bags) “Did you return everything?” Almost in tears I said “Yes. Is there anything that we can do so that I can buy this?” She put her finger to her lips and “sshh”.  She went to talk to her manager, then she took the ring and … Let’s just say that the receipt said “orig. $300 on sale today for $150” and “$50 coupon”. The ring only cost me $105.00! I praise God for that Girl!

My ring has so much meaning… It is my new PROMISE RING.


IT WAS A PROMISE TO MYSELF, that I deserve so much more… so much better. I kept that promise.